Projects in the House and Grounds

Since its founding in 1986 the Friends have raised money to support many projects to the both the house and grounds at Osborne.

From 1987 to 1992 Friends’ volunteered to provide a free guide service showing visitors around the house. Since 2006 members have helped with book cleaning, restoration and cataloguing.

Friends have also assisted with gardening, local activities and continue to provide a promotional stall at the Osborne Christmas Weekend. Other local activities supported by Friends in the past include promotion of a function for the King George V Fund for Sailors marking the Osborne Naval College Centenary and arranging visits for members of Rotary, Inner Wheel and Gosport History Society.

Donations to English Heritage to date total in excess of £100,000 and include;
Swiss Cottage £40,000
Andromeda Fountain £25,000*
Durbar Room £27,000
Clock Tower £7,000

* The estimated cost of restoring the Andromeda Fountain was originally £30,000 which subsequently increased to £50,000. An anonymous donor generously provided English Heritage with £25,000 towards the cost of restoration. The Friends of Osborne also donated £25,000 to cover the total project cost.

LaSiesta by Franz Xaver Winterhalter 
(FoO grant of £2,500)