Library Talk – ‘Aggie Weston’ by Craig Fulton – CANCELLED

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Dame Agnes Elizabeth Weston GBE (26 March 1840 - 23 October 1918)
Queen Victoria with Aggie Weston at Windsor

Craig is a former CEO of Dame Agnes Weston’s Royal Charity for Naval Service (Generally know as ‘Aggie’s) and will tell the story of Aggie Weston, an English philanthropist noted for her work with the Royal Navy. For over 20 years she lived and worked among the sailors of the Royal Navy. She was invited by Queen Victoria to visit Windsor and she was the first woman ever to be given a full ceremonial Royal Naval funeral.

2018 marked the centenary of the death of Agnes Weston. ¬†She lived a remarkable life, sacrificing the comfort of a middle class professional home in Bath in order to work with lowly sailors (or ‘Bluejackets’).