Christmas 2016

Queen Victoria, after prolonged mourning for Prince Albert, decided to surround herself with her extended family at Christmas time; she especially loved the children who brought light to her gloomy days.

The Durbar Room long table is set typically of such a Christmas and the room with ornamentation which she considered would appeal to Prince Albert’s Germanic tastes had he lived still.

Osborne’s rooms and corridors were decorated to the new Victorian standards as set by Prince Albert from his German upbringing and which the Queen was anxious to encourage in order to make her beloved husband ‘feel completely at home in my house’, equally during the Queen’s mourning for him.

The Curator of Osborne, Michael Hunter explained the significance and importance of the Victorian Osborne Christmastide to the Chairman of Trustees, Tim King and other members during a Friends of Osborne event in 2016.

One of the many trees in rooms, niches and corners lavishly decorated in the new style which we all follow today.

A traditionally decorated Christmas tree

Dining Table

Durbar Room Christmas Table

The hearth of the famous Peacock Fireplace which would have been fired with logs to keep the Royals well.

Friends attend the private viewing

A memorial is suitably decorated for Christmas

A typical Christmas menu not to be consumed too hurriedly 

The Curator of Osborne, Michael Hunter, explains the significance and importance of the Victorian Christmastide.