About us


In accordance with Charity Commission guidance, the Trustees of the Friends of Osborne have overall control of the charity and are responsible for ensuring all stated purposes are achieved.  All matter of strategic importance and all application of funds are subject to approval by the Trustees alone.



A Management Committee is in place to plan and supervise member events, member communications and member resources.  The Trustees are also de facto members of that committee.

The current committee comprises:

Allison Rogers   (T) Chair allisonr@friendsofosborne.org
Ade Johnson  (T) Treasurer treasurer@friendsofosborne.org 
Helen McComb   (T) Secretary secretary@friendsofosborne.org
Carolyn McCormack (T)    carolynm@friendsofosborne.org
Maureen Moorman   (T) Membership Secretary membership@friendsofosborne.org
Frances Bourn   francesb@friendsofosborne.org
Janice Douse    
Liz Hopkins   lizh@friendsofosborne.org
Julia Phillips    
Malcolm Watson    
David Wisden   davidw@friendsofosborne.org

(T)  Trustee

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