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Chairman's Message

I am delighted to have been asked to become the next Chair of the board of trustees following Tim King’s decision to step down.  Tim has led the board and represented the Friends of Osborne admirably and might I also add, with a certain style and panache that will be difficult to follow!  I wish him well and hope to benefit from his continued support and considerable experience as I take on the honour, from His Honour, of this new role.

Many of you will know that my association with the Friends goes back a number of years and my association with English Heritage even longer.   I know personally how Osborne has benefited from donations generated by the activities of the Friends and the list of projects we have donated to, artefacts that we have helped to secure and events that we have helped to support, creates a long and impressive list of achievements.   The Friends of Osborne are arguably the most consistent and successful fund raisers of any volunteer body connected to any of English Heritage’s four hundred plus sites.

Your continued support of the Friends events programme, membership contributions and other volunteer work, will ensure that we have funds available, secured for Osborne, as and when the need arises to fund a project or secure an artefact.  However let us not forget, that visiting, supporting and promoting Osborne continues to be a real joy and a pleasure – and one which goes towards securing its future for generations to come. 

Rob Flower
Chairman of Trustees

14 August 2019